Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ultraviolet tattoo-that sparkle you up in the dark

Want to be a chameleon? Get yourself inked with ultra-violet tattoos. Tattoos, that sparkle you up in the dark. Brush up all your doubts before painting those fireflies on your skin. UV tattoo pigments are harmless. But remember it may sometimes be visible under the normal light.

ultra violet tattoo imagesEver Glow is used as an additive by the companies to make the pigment glow. But Ever Glow is not recommended to be used for the purpose because the dyes used are not made to be injected into the human skin. Better try BIOMETRIC System-1000, which is being sold as “Chameleon Tattoo Ink’. It does not contain Ever Glow and also it is not radioactive.

ultra violet tattoo designsCheck out for Poly methyl methacrylate used in the pigment before getting the ink. To show your best ultra-violet appearance, rock at some down under party, where the ink will glow at its best.

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