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Star Foot Tattoos - Find the Best Stars

Star foot tattoos are known as the most popular foot tattoo. Let's start with the different meaning, history and development of these tattoos and take a look at them. Star is reminiscent of light, energy, optimism, and so on.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The history is longer than we could think of so that it causes us infinite interest and concern. In ancient times, the Egyptians discovered the secret of stars, that is, the pyramid echoing with the astrology is the key to ensuring a prosperous kingdom. Gradually, they are often used in navigation for direction. In the present, the significance of the stars lies in the hope in the dark and inspiration origin. When all are integrated, stars become our hope and faith, and constitute the pillar of our souls.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

Therefore, the star foot tattoos have significance beyond the decoration and landmark. When different styles, colors, locations, sizes and other elements are mixed together, the permanent symbols and the meaning will be shown on your feet.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The Three-pointed Star (Trigram) means the part of the distance from the Holy Family to the earth, that is, wind and fire.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The Five-pointed Star (Pentagram) may be the best star to identify. The five-pointed star represents the five elements in nature and it also represents five continents. If the star is upward, it signifies defense, stability and liberation. When the star is downward, it signifies ghost. The five-pointed star has a special role in the sailing for the sailors find the direction, mark routes and come back home safely are under the guidance of the star.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The Six-pointed Star (Hexagon) is also known as the Star of David. It is attached to a strong meaning. It contains a Jewish identity, creators and Solomon seal. At the same time, in terms of religious or sacred standard, hexagon signifies 6 days in a week, and the rest day of mid-point signifies Sabbath.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The Seven-pointed Star is related to astrology and other seven-fold systems similar to chakras in Hinduism.

The Eight-pointed Star is a symbol of complete agent and regeneration.

The Nine-pointed Star is a symbol of achievement and strength. The charm is often associated with the phenomenon of sea stars. Sailors trust stars and their superstitious beliefs give birth to star tattoo. The nature of star images is the embodiment of individual strength.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

The symbolic significance of a star is that people will never get lost in life. It symbolizes that people find a clear way in their fates.

Stars are mysterious objects in the universe and they have been classified as religious products for centuries. Today, most people are curious about the meaning of the stars.

Star Foot TattoosStar Foot Tattoos

Due to people's different identities and preferences, people have different designs to fit themselves. Celebrities will use star foot tattoos to emphasize their status and it is them that make the star foot tattoos spread more widely.

Star foot tattoo is not only found in the feet but can also be extended to legs.

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