Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Herbal tattoo-temporary and painless tattoo

henna tattoo designs
henna tattoo patternsIf you want to experience the thrill of getting a tattoo just for a short period of time; go for temporary tattoo pigment like henna. Temporary tattoos easily fade away after few days. They are quite famous also these days owing to their temporariness.

The main charm of getting a temporary tattoo is that it is not painful and also you can try different designs once the previous one fades away. The designs made by Henna or Mehndi are beautiful and as henna is herbal there is no threat to the skin.

But avoid Black Henna, which may have some chemical additives and may cause burning sensations. Though henna will never be able to outshine the original tattoo style and pigments used, as they are more bright and colorful, still it is a wonderful option for beginners.

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